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Missing Person Afternoon
Bass Tribute to Jonatha Brooke

I am very excited to release this album since it has been a big challenge to record all the parts and instruments with my basses. Recorded between Madrid and Los Angeles in 2020. Released in November 2020.

2022 November 26, La Bossa Mayor in Oscar Patanegra and Cia

2022 Nov, 16th, L. Suardiaz E.B. Rockville, Jazz con sabor a club22

2022 September 25th, Luis Suardiaz Electric Band in concert

2022 May Release of "Lucy Spoon/Lucy Cuchara" 

2021 August, Podcast "Beware Maria" London Radio Station.

2021 August, Release of "Granny The Flying Table" children´s book. 

2020 Nov. 24rd Bass Magazine publication

2020 Nov.23rd. Bass Musicians Magazine publication.

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