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She started her musical career when a second hand 4-string bass guitar fell into her hands with a crooked fingerboard, and that was it. She surrounded herself with local musicians from her hometown Vitoria-Gasteiz. She began toying around with it till she fall in love with the instrument, which allowed her to receive lessons from the only bass player in town at that time.  One day, overnight, her teacher told her that he was going to present a record they had just recorded in their studio and they needed a bassist to play three songs with one of the bands ... and she accepted the challenge. After this concert she began to play with other bands, among them the Jazz Big Band of Vitoria-Gasteiz.


In 1993 she went to study to London and graduated from BIT from the Musician's Institute. Received private lessons from: Rufus Philpot. B.I.T Bass Teacher Musician's Institute, back then. Carlos del Puerto, cuban bass player from Irakere and Guillermo Edguill, Panamanian bassist from Mongo Santamaría band. In London she worked mostly as a bassist in the latin and jazz scene. She taught at Music Works and studied music software, as well as Jazz and popular music at Goldsmith's College from 1994 to 1995.


Also in 1996 she completed a one-year Sound Engineer course at Greenwhich College and a seminar on Jazz in Glasgow organized by Berklee College. Among the bands she played are the following: The gift, Pop Band. Locomotive, Latin Jazz Band. BAL, Big Band Pop. The Explosion, Salsa and Aché Salsa Bands. Changó, Candela, Los Soneros Afromambo quartet, Download Quartet, La Clave Salsa Bands, Caipora Brasilian trio.

In 1998 she did a research project on Brazilian rhythms at the school of Antonio Adolfo Music Center, a Brazilian pianist with several CDs and books published in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In 2000 she went to work to Los Angeles, California. There she studied an Encore program at the BIT Musician's Institute. She received private lessons from Alexis Sklarewski, Ernest Tibbs and Gary Willis.


In 2005 she recorded two albums as a bassist in the Grayson Wray record production: Tales of Mistery and Loneliness and

Medieval Skyscraper.


From 2003 to 2009 she worked as an interpreter in the seminars that the Jazz Festival of Vitoria held in July. She had the great fortune to meet Pat Metheny, guitarist whom she had admired for many years and Ben Wolf upright bassist of the Julliard of New York .


In 2007 she returned to Spain continuing her musical career with different bands of Rock, Funk, Jazz, Brazilian, New Age and World Music between Vitoria and Madrid. Among them are: Entre coche y andén, Mamassita Pro, André Pagodin and CIA of rhythms,  Amelia Ray,  Vamp Bop Quartet, Eagles Sunrise, Eagles Tribute Band, Quiet Gangs. The Craiben, The Foreign Club and Jose Luis Serrano.


In 2015 she came back to Los Angeles and played in Michael Anthony Perna Project as well as The Wildest Band, tribute band to Louis Prima music.

In 2020 she released her own challenging Bass Project Tribute to Jonatha Brooke.

Currently,  due to COVID-19 she came back to Spain where she released four bilingual stories for children: "Granny The Flying Table", “Lucy Spoon”,"Tina Lisa" and "Tiles Tale". She keeps teaching, playing and  working on a new original  music project as well as writing children stories. 

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