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         Mª José Estivariz da Silva

November 16th, 2022 Luis Suardiaz Electric Band in Rockville, Jazz con sabor a club22, Madrid
September 25th, 2022 Luis Suardiaz Electric Band in concert
May 2022 Release of "Lucy Spoon/Lucy Cuchara" 
August 2021 Podcast "Beware Maria" London Radio Station.  
August 2021 Release of "Granny The Flying Table" children´s book. 
2020 Bass Magazine publication Nov. 24rd

M´Joyes Releases New Album 'Missing Person Afternoon' - Bass Magazine - The Future of Bass
2020 Bass Musicians Magazine publication. Nov.23rd. .
2020 Album "Missing Person Afternoon" released, November 2020.
2018 MJ in Harmony Central